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Spiderman Digi Draw

Spiderman Digi Draw

Spiderman Digi Draw

With Spiderman Digi Draw, you can easily trace any picture, photograph, or illustration to make fantastic works of art. You can even make animated cartoons! With Spiderman Digi-Draw you do not have to be an artist to draw like one!

Place the image you want to trace on one of the two reflective panels. For right-handers, place your image on the left panel; left-handers use the right panel. Use the two paper holders on the bottom of the reflective panels to secure your images.

Once your image is secure, place a sheet of paper on the bottom portion of your Spiderman DigiDraw. Right-handers should place the paper on the bottom right side; left-handers should place it on the left. Now, look at the reflection of your image on the clear panel. This reflection will now appear on your paper.

Now with the Spiderman Digi Draw, creating art of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man could not be easier.

Spiderman Digi Draw Includes:

175 Spiderman images
4 Background Designs
Pencil Sharpener
Web Writer

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