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Laser Straight Laser Levels


Laser Straight Laser Level

Tired of spending hours trying to get pictures perfectly straight? Tired of holding those heavy old-fashioned levels while decorating your walls? Now the new Laser Straight advanced technology laser level will make wall hangings laser straight every time!

Laser Straight Laser Levels adheres to any surface, won't leave marks, and is hands free so you can put anything up perfectly straight without any worries! Compact, lightweight and portable,you can use it almost anywhere! LaserStraight is great for installing pictures, shelves, borders, towel bars, curtain rods, tiles, cabinets, and much more!

Laser Straight Laser Level Features:
* Adheres to any surface
* Projects 50 ft. Line
* Wraps Around Corners
* 2 Built in leveling bubbles
* Adhesive Leaves No Marks on Surfaces

Laser Straight Laser Level Includes: * 1 Laser Straight
* Free Stud Finder (Mail-In Offer)

Laser Straight Laser Level Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)

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